Roof Top Space

Fashion May 30, 2015 No Comments

My latest look consists of a floral midi dress from Buffalo Exchange paired with my Sam Edelman studded slip-ons.  The dress is super comfortable and can be worn every day. The striped detail collar gives it a sportier vibe along with the muscle-tee cut for sleeves. I was walking around looking for a place to shoot these photos but couldn’t find a place open enough or without something distracting in the picture.  I felt crowded, and I needed space, so I climbed through my brother’s window and went onto the roof, where I could see out above the houses and cars for once. Not to mention, the lighting created a beautiful glow.

This summer I am trying to buy less clothes altogether. But if I do happen to cave, I will try to shop sustainably – including more thrifting or purchasing eco-friendly labels only.  Fashion is one of the largest polluting industries in the world and since I am taking on other sustainable practices such as eating less meat, I thought I should expand into other parts of my life – fashion being of high significance.


Samantha Sitt

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