Grey & Black

Fashion Dec 20, 2015 No Comments

I feel surrounded by grey skies and mediocre weather. Whenever I return from New Orleans, it always seems gloomier, but the warmth of family and home make up for some of that. The past couple of days have been the coolest yet, finally coat worthy.  For my latest look, I chose to wear a combination of grey and black while taking into consideration where my clothes came from. I am still making sustainable lifestyle choices such as buying less and revamping old pieces. Although not always the easiest, I think its about making a conscious effort to live better; no one can completely change their lifestyle overnight or in even a few months – well, at least I can’t. However, this look consists of older pieces, each bought over two years ago (minus the sweater). The sweater is thrifted from Buffalo Exchange and the skirt is from Urban Outfitters. My coat is a couple years old Christmas gift from Express, then paired with mom’s old boots from Nine West.

Samantha Sitt

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