Weekend in London

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Londres/London was filled with an overwhelming amount of tourists, iconic black taxis, overall-coolgirl-streetstyle, Camden shopping, Hostel-hopping, delicious Indian food, and, of course, a lot of walking. London has some pretty cool street art which I noticed on my walk to Cereal Killer Cafe, which I’m sure you might’ve heard of. Besides my breakfast of imported cereal, I ate at a few other places – the most notable was an Indian restaurant down the block from my hostel. The food was worth the wait and the service was exceptional. Throughout the weekend, I also went to a few museums including the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Tate, and the National Gallery. Time was rushed at the National Gallery; however, it definitely makes the list for my top museums. Big Ben was prettier than the pictures let on and there was not much to speculate over at the London Eye or Buckingham Palace in fact. Sunday was spent in Camden with endless vendors, and the food options were hard to choose from. As for my personal street style and photos from my trip, see below:

Samantha Sitt

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