Sustainable Style #1

Fashion Jan 13, 2017 No Comments

This latest look consists of sustainable and/or ethically made pieces from my wardrobe.   I am wearing a thrifted oversized sweater (100% cotton) from Buffalo Exchange tucked into vintage pants from my aunt, and my mother’s old coat.  It’s fun gathering clothing from relatives, especially if you can score some free vintage staples that probably aren’t getting the use they deserve. My sneakers are Veja, a transparent company that uses fair trade sourcing and organic materials to produce its products, which I purchased online at Amour Vert.  Lastly, I chose to wear this statement necklace which I received as a gift, though I am unsure of its origins. As I continue to live a more conscious lifestyle, I will post more outfits that highlight these sustainable pieces.

Samantha Sitt

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