Sustainable Style #2

Fashion Jan 22, 2017 No Comments

Conscious style can range anywhere from ethically made clothing, clothing made from sustainable fabrics, or secondhand items from the local thrift store. This second sustainable style feature includes a cotton turtleneck from Goodwill, Levis from No Relation Vintage in NYC (if you’re on the lookout for some vintage denim, I would recommend No Relation Vintage which has an overwhelming amount of denim at reasonable prices), an old flannel from my brother’s closet and my Veja sneakers. I wore this look while on a short trip to New Hampshire — it’s perfect for a wintry day or hanging out at the ski lodge.

When transitioning to conscious or sustainable style, your whole outfit doesn’t have to be fair trade or sustainably sourced every single time. It’s about consciously choosing what you wear, realizing where the things you buy come from, and gradually making better, more sustainable choices in your everyday life.

Samantha Sitt

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