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Fashion Jul 22, 2017 1 Comment

I went to China for my cousin’s wedding in Suzhou and extended my travels to a three-week trip to spend time with family and visit a few more destinations including Zhangjiajie, Beijing and Shanghai. These photos are some of my impressions and experiences while I was in China for three weeks. They are glimpses of jet lag, tasting new street food, walking through historical alleyways in Beijing, falling into new hotel beds every week and the thousands of steps in between.

Here are some suggested places to visit if you are ever in these locations.

  1. Yi Dian Dian. a.k.a. the best bubble tea.
  2. Momi Cafe. A postcard cafe in Suzhou (and Shanghai) where you can write your postcard and send it out the same day or any day in the future. You can send yourself a letter and receive it 5 years later.
  3. Shantang Street. A canal street in Suzhou where you can shop and try a lot of street food.
  4. Pingjiang Road. Another canal street in Suzhou with even more shops and food.
  5. Shanghai Code. A sunglasses shop in the alleyways of Tian Zi Fang that has new sunglasses and vintage deadstock.

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